Are you (or do you know someone) visually impaired / affected by sight loss and would like to take part in a research project exploring art and vision impairment?

An important realisation in 2015 about how visual his teaching was owning to the first presence of a student with vision impairment in his class, has led Dr Lee Campbell (Lecturer in Fine Art, University of Lincoln) to explore how teaching styles may be adapted to accommodate those with visual impairment, and how art (and particularly performance art) may be adapted to make it more accessible. He aims to improve the breadth and depth of knowledge about human culture in relation to increasing understanding of visual impairment by engaging both sighted and non-sighted persons in a series of practical art/performance art experiments that promote experiential learning to explore the question: How can acts exploring visual negation be used to generate public pedagogy and what may it bring to the experience of removal of sight? His work has been published by the RNIB:

As part of an Open Lab, Barbican Guildhall Creative Learning residency, Campbell invites you to join him in London in August 2017 to explore, through practical experimentation, art that engages different senses:  touch, smell, sound etc.

Please contact Lee by August 1st, 2017 for further details /to express interest via email:

This opportunity is open to adults only.

Here are a selection of tweets recognising my work when I presented my vision impairment research at 'Developing Theory into Practice in Higher Education' conference , City University, London in June 2017:



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