29 July at 18:00–21:00

V22 Louise House
Dartmouth Road, SE23 3HZ London, United Kingdom

‘Perhaps what makes laughter more attractive to curators of contemporary art today is the way that it can change a serious, white cube environment into something approaching an adventure playground as Shrigley’s [David] shows did with interventions that included music and stuffed rodents. As Lee Campbell [has] referred to it […] laughter can be a “device to counter shhh, be quiet” in the otherwise frowning environment of the white cube art gallery’ Bob Dickinson, The Last Laugh. Art Monthly 383: February 2015

ALL FOR SHOW is an internationally-touring exhibition/screening of filmic works by British artists exposing the banalities of everyday life through humour, self-introspection and serious play. These short films made by British artists test the acceptable limits of humour in the white cube art gallery using, what Jessica Lack suggests in her review in i-D magazine (July 2005) ‘slapstick theatrics’ (Lack, 2005:55) and ‘an awkward and macabre sense of humour […] cringingly funny. These idiosyncratic films succeed in finding surreal quirks in the banalities of everyday life’ (ibid.).


Alex Baker

Beagles and Ramsay
Anna Boggon
Sophie Brown
Lee Campbell
Elly Clarke
Sarah Collins
Marion Coutts
Alexander Costello
Douglas Fishbone
Angela Hicks
the Miller and McAfee Press
Juneau Projects
Adrian Lee
Jaspar Joseph Lester
Harold Offeh
Diane Timmins
Sarah Turner

“Funny Peculiar”, Jessica Lack, i-D Magazine, July 2005

Images from ALL FOR SHOW installed as exhibition from 3-26 February 2006, Nexus Foundation, Philadelphia, USA.

“British Video Artists at Fahrenheit and Screenland”, Amelia Ishmael, Kansas Review, Sept 05, pp. 60–62


ACT 1 (appr. 40 minutes)

1. Adrian Lee

‘Hooked Cross’ 1 min 46 sec

2. Sophie Brown

‘Pneuma’ 42 sec

3. Jaspar Joseph Lester

‘Shaft’ 4 min 30 sec

4. Angela Hicks

‘Filing’ 8 min

5. Harold Offeh

‘4 ways to feel amazing’ 4 min 6 sec

6. Anna Boggon

‘Offshoot’ 8 min

7. Douglas Fishbone

‘Trailer’ 2 min 15 sec

8. Elizabeth McAlpine

‘Don’t Look Now’ 6 min 15 sec

9. Lee Campbell

‘Lost for Words’ 4 mins 28

ACT 2 (appr. 1 hour)

10. Alex Baker

‘All the World at Once’ 5 min 31 sec

11. Diane Timmins

‘Stasis’ 2 min 8 sec

12. Elly Clarke

‘Standing Still’ 7 min 3 sec

13. Sarah Collins

‘Hong Kong – Singapore’ 5 min 45 sec

14. Beagles and Ramsay

‘Trilogy’ 3 min

15. Alexander Costello

‘Men like that don’t die’ 4 min 30 sec

16. Marion Coutts

‘Epic’ 11 min 52 sec

17. Juneau Projects

‘A richer future is still ours’ 4 min 15 sec

18. Sarah Turner

‘Let’s play pinball’ 11 min. excerpt

19. the Miller and McAfee Press

‘Dear Linda Harrison’ 9 min 30 sec


Café Gallery Projects, London, Studio 1.1, London; Nexus, Philadelphia; Southern Exposure, San Francisco, Het Wilde Weten, Rotterdam, Netherlands; KX, Hamburg, Germany, Galerie Verticale, Montreal, Canada; Physics Room, Christchurch, New Zealand; Lump Gallery, North Carolina, USA and Soap Factory, Minneapolis, USA

Notes on the curator:

Lee Campbell, Ph.D., is an artist, curator and lecturer in Fine Art at University of Lincoln and Performance: Design & Practice at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London. He completed his MFA in Painting at the Slade School of Fine Art, UCL in 2005 and his doctorate, supervised by Gillian Whiteley and Mel Jordan at Loughborough University in 2016.

He has built a strong international portfolio of research publications encompassing solo performances, artworks (often audience participatory), curatorial projects and self-initiated symposia. For example, in 2011, he organised With Humorous Intent, a two-day symposium at Mostyn, Wales exploring the role of humour within contemporary art practice. In 2012, he led a discussion based workshop and lecture relating to slapstick and art practice at De Appel, Amsterdam and in 2013, he co-organised (with Mel Jordan) Heckler at Trade, Nottingham and ArtsAdmin, London which interrogated art and heckling. Visual art/performance events he has curated include Suburbia, held at The Foreign Press Association in London in 2008. Amongst his solo performances include Whitstable Biennale 2008. He has published extensively in the journals/books International Journal of Performing Arts and Digital Media, Performativity in the Gallery and Body Space Technology and will publish in the Journal of Pedagogic Development in November 2017. He is co-organizing (with Lisa Gaughan) a conference entitled Provocative Pedagogies: Performative Teaching and Learning at University of Lincoln in October 2017.


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